October 7, 2020
A major win for apprentices and trainees as government announces it will pay HALF their salary for one year under…
July 23, 2020
As the world wonders what the full impact of the coronavirus will be, the Prime Minister has announced a stimulus package to help boost the economy. If you’re an employer of less than 199 employees, you may be eligible…
June 18, 2020
Are you a current, stood down or aspiring apprentice? You’re probably a little confused about what’s happening to building apprenticeships now and after covid-19. While a lot of businesses are struggling to make a go of it, apprenticeships are still important to our economy. Without apprentices now, we wouldn’t have skilled trades in the future! Still, where does that leave us and what’s next for Australia’s apprentices? Read on to get all your apprenticeship questions answered.
January 12, 2020
Building apprenticeships have many advantages. You can do an apprenticeship even if you haven’t finished high school, or sometimes while finishing high school. Building apprenticeships also let you earn money while you learn a trade, which means you can get paid while getting qualified. It’s a win-win! In this blog, we’ll talk about apprenticeship wages. We’ll answer some questions like, “Do you get paid for an apprenticeship?” You may also be wondering, “How much does an apprentice make?” Read on to learn more about apprentice wages.