November 28, 2019

Meet Matt – Certificate III Student With CWBTS

We are always stoked to be a part of a new carpenters journey, and at CWBTS we see students from all stages of life finding success in our qualifications. No matter what age you’re picking up the tools, our students many advantages to learning on site from the word go. For a student like Matt, who has 23 years of teaching experience, working as a carpenter has many perks, such as “being outdoors, learning new techniques, and no meetings.”

About Matt

Matt is currently undertaking his carpentry apprenticeship with CWBTS, and he has a number of qualifications already under his belt.

As it is for many of our students, Matt’s path into building and construction is an interesting one. After teaching design and technology a high school for 23, “an opportunity has come up to work on getting my builders license.” Matt decided to go for it, and this current unit is “one of many parts I need to complete to get the builders license.” 

Right now, Matt is working on a number of different projects, including decking, framing homes and cladding. 

Studying with CWBTS

There are limitless advantages to studying with CWBTS, and each of our students takes away something different. For Matt, the main advantage was “onsite assessment”, allowing him to learn whilst working. “Friendly assessors are always available and willing to assist if stuck on parts of assessments.” At CWBTS we pride ourself on having the highest quality, knowledgeable trainers and assessors, and for Matt, his trainer was “very accommodating to help at any stage; very friendly.”  

Matt’s trainer chose CWBTS for one big reason; accessibility. “We can keep on working on the job instead of missing out one day per week.” With this, Matt has been able to learn all the technical aspects to each of the units, “learning how the overall building trade works.” The impact of this on his everyday work meant that problems onsite were able to solved, once Matt applied the knowledge he had learnt in his course work.

And his favourite thing about studying with us? “The fact that I don’t have to waste time in a classroom… I’m 47 and have no time for that.”

Any advice?

For anyone thinking of studying building and construction, Matt has some advice for who you should study with; “definitely use CWBTS for the accessibility of quality training and assessments to help get your qualification.” 

Legend! Thanks Matt.

Looking to take the next step in your career in building and construction with a Certificate or Diploma? Give our team a call on 1300 4 CWBTS (1300 429 287) or contact us online to find out more.

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