October 21, 2019

Meet Bryce – CWBTS Carpentry Student

At CWBTS, we believe that nothing beats seeing our students working to the best of their ability. We do everything we can to ensure all our students love their work, and carpentry apprentice Bryce is no exception. For Bryce, completing his certificate with CWBTS has allowed him to learn on the job, and make the most of his training.

About Bryce

Bryce is currently undertaking a Certificate III in Carpentry with CWBTS.

For Bryce, the best parts of his job are “working outside” and the satisfaction of “seeing [a] finished job that you have built.” Appreciating a finished build can be one of the most rewarding moments of a project, and it’s fantastic to see apprentices like Bryce enjoying the results of their hard work.

Every apprentice has a different start, and Bryce’s entrance to building and construction started in a building supply shop; “I started working at J.H. Williams building supplies. I worked there for 3 and a half years and then met Jason. I asked Jason from Jason Walsh Constructions for an apprenticeship, he said he would put me on and here I am.” 

Since taking the initiative to start an apprenticeship, Bryce has been involved in a number of different projects with his employer. Currently, Bryce is “doing full house reno and roof around shed, up to fix out stage.”

Studying with CWBTS

Students who study with CWBTS reap many benefits. Apprentices learn invaluable hands-on skills, and hit the ground running to build up their knowledge and make the most of their qualification. For Bryce, “not having to leave [the] site” was a major advantage.

Bryce’s employer prefers the courses offered by CWBTS as an alternative to TAFE, and we can see why; Bryce has already learnt a myriad of skills, including “carpentry skills, concreting, set out, frames, trusses, roofing and eaves.”

Working alongside his trainer has been an easy and enjoyable experience for Bryce, and with his favourite thing about the course being learning everything he can, we can see why!

By studying a Certificate III in Carpentry, Bryce has learnt skills which will “help in every day work” and allow him to work to the best of his ability!

Words of wisdom?

For anyone considering studying a CWBTS course, Bryce’s advice is clear; “do it.”

Legend! Thanks Bryce. Looking to take the next step in your career in building and construction with a Certificate or Diploma? Give our team a call on 1300 4 CWBTS (1300 429 287) or contact us online to find out more.

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