February 26, 2020

What to Expect from a Diploma of Building and Construction Online

Are you interested in doing building courses online? Studying an online course comes with many benefits. In this blog, we’ll show you what to expect when you study a CPC50210 Diploma of Building & Construction (Building) online. This course is delivered by our partners Builders Academy Australia (BAA) (RTO 21583 only).

About the Diploma of Building and Construction online

If you want to take your building career to the next level, then the diploma of building and construction is for you. We’ll talk about the benefits of studying online in a moment, but first, let’s look at what the diploma involves.

The diploma is for builders and tradies who want to run their own businesses or want careers as supervisors and managers. In contrast to the cert IV which is for low-rise residential projects, the diploma is for commercial building and medium-rise residential projects.

The diploma covers the following topics:

  • tender documentation
  • structural principles
  • cost estimations
  • hiring of contracts
  • and much more

Project based learning

The diploma of building and construction online is structured around projects, not lectures or classes. This means it helps you learn while you do. You get hands-on experience while learning in a fun and interactive way.

Building courses online

Licencing and registration support

One of your goals is probably to become a registered builder in your state or territory. This course supports you in your application process, giving you guidance on the steps you need to take to become a licenced or registered builder.

BAA has a licensing and registration expert who delivers units specifically for registration applications. This means that after you complete your CPC50210 Diploma of Building & Construction (Building), you’ll be ready for assessment by your state or territory’s building authority.

If you choose to do other electives instead of the licencing and registration units, and still need help with your licencing and registration after graduation, we do offer mentorship. Some providers charge up to $5,000 for this service, but with BAA it’s all included with your diploma, at no extra charge.

Career Pathways

The diploma of building and construction online is a nationally-recognised qualification. That means you can use it to work in any state across Australia. You’ll be able to do roles such as the following:

  • project supervisor
  • building manager
  • site supervisor
  • estimator
  • project manager
  • foreperson
Building courses online

Why study online?

Like other building courses online, the diploma of building and construction online is perfect for busy tradies. If you have a full schedule, don’t want to take time off work, or live too far away from a training provider, then you should study online.

Instead of a physical classroom, you’ll join what’s called a “virtual classroom” in real-time. This cuts out travel time and means you can study at home, in the car, during your breaks, or anywhere you want!

Because the virtual classroom is held in real-time, you can interact with your trainers and classmates as if they were right there with you.

Simply by logging onto the online portal, you can:

  • attend classes
  • read assignments
  • submit homework
  • do group work
  • join discussions
  • ask questions and get answers from your trainers

The virtual classroom is all about convenience. Building courses online are interactive—and most importantly—user-friendly. You don’t have to be a tech-wiz to figure it out.

Assessment methods

You’ll be assessed on a combination of activities, including:

  • virtual classroom participation
  • observation
  • practical and written presentations
  • self-paced exercises
  • a portfolio of your course progress
Building courses online

What about workload?

You’ll attend virtual classes 2 nights per week for a total of 7 hours. You’ll also need to set aside 8 hours for private study and homework every week.

Your course will run for 40-51 weeks, depending on how much prior experience you have. You might be able to get course credits through recognition of prior study, which will make your course shorter.

Can I get a loan?

When you do your online diploma with BAA, you have the option to take out a VET Student Loans to help pay for your studies. BAA is an approved VET Student Loans provider and the CPC50210 Diploma of Building & Construction (Building) is an approved VET Student Loans course.

Any prerequisites?

BAA runs two separate streams for the diploma. The standard stream is for people with a cert IV and less than 5 years’ experience.

The experienced stream is for people with or without a cert IV who are currently employed in the building and construction industry and have over 5 years’ experience.

What to study at home at your own pace? Check out our building courses online or give our team a call on 1300 429 287 and we’ll answer your questions.

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