March 30, 2021

What are the duties of a construction foreman?

If the idea of becoming a construction foreman appeals, it’s time to learn more about the role in detail.

Here, we talk you through foreman duties and foreman responsibilities. 

And to help you work out if this role’s right for you, we’ll also show you the pathways you could take to get there.

What do you do as a construction foreman?

A foreman (aka construction foreperson) is in charge of directing the work of a construction team. 

The foreperson is in charge of scheduling tasks for the crew, as well as making plans and obtaining new jobs.

In a nutshell, foreman responsibilities include assisting the crew in any way that is needed, including doing some labour.

Foreman duties in detail

Your day to day job as a foreman will involve a lot of variety, working with your hands, and most importantly, working closely with a team.

Some of your foreman duties and foreman responsibilities could include:

  • Keeping superiors up-to-date on the project progress
  • Creating a work schedule for trades and labourers
  • Looking after the construction workers
  • Being a go-between for construction workers and supervisors
  • resolving issues between workers
  • making sure there are enough workers on board
  • allocating tasks to construction workers
  • making sure the project is on time and on budget.

What skills do you need?

Let’s start with work ethic. The majority of the work is done full-time, with occasional breaks in between tasks. You’ll need to love the job and be committed each and every day to your foreman responsibilities.

Attention to detail is one of the most valuable qualities a foreman can have. You’ll also need to be organised, as you need to be able to efficiently manage a construction site.

Working in high temperatures, using hand and power tools, standing and walking for long periods of time, and carrying heavy items are all necessary skills. 

Finally, people skills are also essential, as you could be in charge of job reviews, hiring and firing, and payroll administration. You might also do the occasional reports for stakeholders and management.

How to become a construction foreman

Already a tradie?

If you’re working as a trade, perhaps a carpenter or builder, you might like to take your career to the next level by becoming a foreman.

The good news is that your transition will be easier because you already have some industry experience.

You might also have enough experience working beneath a foreman to know what the role involves and to have a good idea of your suitability for it.

If this describes your situation, you could become a foreman by doing a CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building).

This course is specifically designed to prepare you for construction supervisory roles like foreman, site manager, construction project supervisor and more.

Remember, if you already have industry experience and training, you could be eligible to shorten you cert 4 with recognition of prior learning (RPL).

New to the construction game? 

Whether you’re fresh out of high school or are coming from a different industry, you can become a construction foreman.

As one of the leading providers of construction courses, we at CWBTS recommend studying a CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building).

Even if you have no prior training or experience in construction, this is the perfect course to do if you want to plan, coordinate and complete a small to medium sized residential building project from start to finish.

Studying a Cert IV in Building and Construction

You’ll love doing a cert IV for the flexibility and convenience it offers.

It comes in two streams depending on how many years of experience you have, to suit your level. This means you won’t have to sit through lessons you already know, nor will you feel out of your depth.

As for flexibility, the course is offered in in-person or online modes to suit your lifestyle. For example, if you’re a busy tradie by day, you may prefer to study building and construction online after work. Don’t worry—the virtual classroom is as interactive and fun as a regular classroom.

That said, if you prefer the regular classroom environment, this option is also available.

Becoming a foreman 

Whether you’re a busy worker by day, or simply a student starting out in your career, you can become a foreman by doing a Cert IV in Building and Construction.

This ultra-flexible and convenient course prepares you for the role by training you in foreman duties and foreman responsibilities.

If foreman is what you ultimately want to do, you could enjoy a rich career with plenty of work opportunities and a rewarding salary.

Thinking of doing a CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)? Find out everything there is to know by speaking to a CWBTS course advisor. 

Contact our team at 1300 4 CWBTS or request a call back today.

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