June 18, 2019


When it comes to careers, there are lots of questions people like to ask. What’s your dream job? What do you want to be when you grow up? Where do you see yourself in five years? I’m sure you’ve heard them all before, and it can sometimes feel like there is no right answer, no matter how old you are.

For those of us who aren’t skilled in the art of tarot cards, or lack psychic abilities, predicating your career path is typically more of a trial and error process. If you’ve narrowed down your interests and skillsets to the construction industry, that’s a great start! However, there are still many disciplines and options to consider when moving forward.

Certificate I & II

This is an entry level qualification which can be completed by those at a year 10 high school level or higher. These certificates are at a pre-apprenticeship level, which involved teaching aspiring builders the fundamentals, including minor maintenance, serving as a general hand and more.

Certificate III

This certificate offers a much broader array of building applications and progression opportunities, as this is the level equivalent to an Australian apprenticeship. This qualification is also available at a Year 10 level, and it allows the apprentice to take on many more responsibilities than the previous two certificates. Some of the skills that fall under this qualification include: bricklaying, demolition, plumbing, carpentry and joinery, painting and decorating, roof tiling, landscaping and many more.

Certificate IV

Usually based around experience, this qualification is for those looking to upskill into a specialist trade. Some examples of these are civil construction, site management, contract administration, estimating and sales. This qualification is especially useful for those looking to assume more managerial authority  on the construction site and coordinate some of the behind the scenes activity.


Diplomas are perfect for those wanting to pursue a more progressive career path involving building and construction. If you are wanting to become an architectural drafter, project manager, site administrator, building trainer or the like this qualification is for you.

Advanced Diploma

Much like the previous qualification, an advanced diploma is only offered to those with the relevant knowledge and experience. This course is best suited to those interested in management positions within the building and construction industry.

Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees

To complete these qualifications, you need a minimum year 12 education but your application will also depend on your experience. This career path is suitable for anyone whose dream job is to become an architect, civil engineer, surveyor or university lecturer.

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