June 10, 2019


We dropped in on-site to chat with trainer Steve Dyer, who’s been training apprentices with CWBTS for over 3 years.

If you’re thinking of becoming a trainer yourself or want to see what’s involved in undertaking your apprenticeship, check out the whole interview below.

Trainer Name: Steve Dyer

Age: 56

Industry Experience (in years): 37

Current Job Title/s: Builder and Trainer/Assessor

Q. What motivated you to become a tradesman in building and construction:

I always liked building things and I enjoyed helping my Dad with cars etc. But there seemed to be a lot more growth with housing.

Q. How did you become a trainer:

Back in 1993 the government had a scheme where tradesmen could learn ‘train the trainer’. Work was a bit light on, and I enjoyed getting off the tools on occasions.

Q. What’s the best part about being a trainer:

Seeing a young fella get something and start to nod his head in the right direction. It’s a good feeling shaking the hand of a young bloke who you’ve worked with for 3 or 4 years and watching him fly the coup.

Q. Do you use different training methods in your delivery:

Sometimes, folks have different LLN needs, and it’s nice to see them build confidence once they know it doesn’t need to be like school. So yes, if they understand, I’m happy.

Q. What’s the student / employer feedback on our worksite delivery:

Pretty good I reckon. They love the flexibility. And we have a bit of fun when it’s appropriate.

Q. What is your average day / week like (what do you do?):

I try to see 2 or 3 lads a day. This doesn’t always work out. In the afternoons, I’m back at the office doing the ‘not so enjoyable’ but needed paperwork. We have a 4-6-week cycle so I see the lads quite often.

Q. What qualifications do you hold:

2019                                         Training and Assessment Cert IV TAE40116

2018                                         Certificate IV Building and Construction CPC40110

2016                                         Diploma of Training Cert V TAE50111

2015                                         Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy 092015GCGT

2013                                         Diploma of Counselling Cert V CHC51708

2011                                          Training and Assessment Cert IV TAE40110

Q. What do you do for fun:

Restore old motorcycles, try to keep fit and not eat too much.

Q. What’s the best thing about building and construction:

It’s nice to create a home! And you can do well if you’re hungry enough and get your Cert IV etc.

Q. What’s the best thing about being a trainer:

Seeing someone ‘get it’.

Q. From your experiences, what makes a good trainer?

Someone who’s still industry current and clued up well in aspects of training and behavior change. Some kids have not had a good time at school. And some adult learners need time to adjust.

Patience and humor help.

Q. Any advice for tradie’s looking to break into the training industry?

Go for it!

Legend. Thanks Steve!

Want to get going on your apprenticeship or don’t know where to start? We will support you from start to finish, from providing ongoing training and support to finding the right employer for you.

For more info, give the guys a call on 1300 4 CWBTS (1300 4 29287) or drop us an enquiry here.

There’s currently a huge demand for trainers in building and construction. Check out our jobs board for opportunities, and please get in touch if you think training might be a carer for you.

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