June 28, 2019


This week we caught up with recently qualified student Matt, who after completing his CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) is now working as a carpenter and site manager. Matt is now also studying CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) at night, legend! Check out the below interview for Matt’s take on training, moving into work and bringing things up to BCA standards.

Name: Matthew Patterson, 23
Job: Carpenter and site manager

“I’ve wanted to be a carpenter since I was about three years old. My dad was pretty handy but he never worked a trade or anything. I’m not too sure why, but I just always knew what I wanted to do.”

“I did my carpentry apprenticeship, and then a friend of mine was doing the Certificate IV and it was government-funded, so it was a great opportunity. I did it two nights a week for six months. I liked my teacher, and he suggested I do the Diploma as well. So I enrolled to do that, and now I do that two nights a week.”

“This is the Caulfield Telstra exchange. It serves all the internet and EFTPOS machines in the area. The company I work for is working three sites like this at the moment.”

“Dealing with these old buildings can get pretty tricky. Someone from Telstra comes around and picks out the things that need to be done to bring it up to BCA standards, and then we come in and fix it up ourselves or oversee the plumbing and electrical side of things.”

“I had my own carpentry business for two years, and I could do the work really well, but I didn’t know about the other side of it – things like quoting, all the rules and regulations, all the BCA and that sort of stuff. You learn the basics on the job but the Certificate IV and the Diploma go into detail, in every aspect. Everything you learn applies directly to your job.”

“At the moment I’m a site manager, and I eventually want to be a project manager. That’s working more in the office, organising the whole job and different jobs at one time, being across absolutely everything for each job, instead of just managing what’s happening on site.”

“Sometimes I have to crack the whip because we have to meet deadlines, but the other trades we use know what’s expected of them, and they know what they’re doing. That’s the key: communication.”

“I learn a skill each day, which I love. The company I work for is pretty relaxed, which is good. They’re a growing company and I’m enjoying growing with them.”

“I’m still pretty flat out, but not as much as I used to be. I play football, so that takes up a bit of time as well. It’s good to get home and have a bit of time to myself, that’s for sure.”

“This job suits anyone who likes hard work. A lot of kids start their apprenticeship as a carpenter and don’t follow through, but eventually you’ll get yourself into a position where you’re getting pretty good money and you get more freedom. Stick it out, that’s my advice.”

Thanks Matt!

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