September 20, 2019


At CWBTS, our student’s stories are important to us. We are always stoked to see our graduates achieving their goals, no matter where their building and construction journey started. With so many students from different backgrounds getting qualified with CWBTS, it goes to show what hard work and determination can achieve. For Lincoln, realising his passion for carpentry work came as a surprise. After he reached out to us, we quickly helped set him up with an apprenticeship so that he could pursue this new chapter in his career.

“I enjoy my job as there are so many different aspects of the job at hand, everyday is a new learning curve. I also enjoy the pride that comes from the job.”

About Lincoln

Lincoln is a Certificate III Carpentry student with CWBTS. Before studying with CWBTS, Lincoln started labouring for his father’s company after living overseas. It was this work with his father which helped him realise his love for building and construction work: “I started labouring for my father’s company which lead to me enjoying the work we were doing, after a few months I asked him for an apprenticeship.”

It wasn’t only moving back home which promoted this change, Lincoln was “also was ready to learn something new. Two weeks later Wade was on the job signing me up. Have never looked back since!”

Right now, Lincoln is working on “starting a home that should take about a year to build! I’m sure it’ll turn out stunning, just like the rest.”

Studying with CWBTS

Throughout his time studying with us, Lincoln has discovered there are many advantages to on-the-job learning. “The main advantage is not missing one day of work every week, more time on the tools, less in the classroom.” On site, his learning at CWBTS has meant that Lincoln is “becoming more time conscious, better with budgeting and confident in day to day life.”

Lincoln knows that not everyone learns in the same way, and that our courses are suited best for those who learn better through hands on experience. “Not everyone learns the same way, some people like learning in classroom environments other people learn from doing tasks at hand. My father thought it would be better for me this way.”

While studying with us, Lincoln has learnt a “very broad spectrum [of things], from concreting to ridge capping.” However, the “biggest skill I’ve learnt is the pride in doing an awesome job.” We are stoked to hear that our students learn pride in achieving good work!

For Lincoln, the best part of studying with CWBTS is “doing the school work when it suits me and my time frame.” His trainer, Wade, is “amazing, always gets back to me no matter the time or day when I’m needing help.”

Advice for Future Students

For any student considering studying with us, Lincol’s recommendation is this: “I’d highly recommend this course as it is more flexible and can be a better learning environment than a classroom with 25 other students.”

Thanks Lincoln! Legend.

Looking to take the next step in your career in building and construction with a Certificate or Diploma? Give our team a call on 1300 4 CWBTS (1300 429 287) or contact us online to find out more.

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