September 2, 2019


At CWBTS, our students are what motivate us. We are always stoked to help students complete the qualifications best suited to their career goals. When Jake approached CWBTS with his new found passion for the construction industry, we knew exactly how to help him achieve his best.

“My favourite part of the job is being able to work outdoors in an active environment; working with my hands and learning new skills everyday.”

About Jake

Jake is in the process of completing his Certificate III in Carpentry. It was a casual job in landscaping which pushed him to realise his passion for the construction industry: “I started working in landscaping casually whilst attending university which helped me realise my love for the construction environment. This led me to starting my apprenticeship.”

Since taking the leap, Jake has been able to make the most of his active work environment, learning hands-on skills every day.

With these skills, Jake is putting his knowledge to use, “starting a new build duplex; digging the footing and preparing for concrete.”

Studying with CWBTS

For Jake, there are many advantages to studying with CWBTS. By choosing to study with us, he has been onsite more often, allowing him to learn all the ins and outs of carpentry. For Jake, this means learning the process from framing to finish, while also experiencing the build process from demolition to the end result.

“One of the main advantages is that all of my practical experience is onsite which allows me to get a better understanding of all aspects of the build.”

So far, Jake’s favourite part of the course is  “learning new skills everyday and gradually gaining experience.” Throughout his time at CWBTS, his trainer has provided him with good support, just what Jake needed to complete his practical experience.

At CWBTS, our students complete both theoretical and hands on training. “The theoretical side to my learning allows me to have an understanding of more technical and complex projects and apply this knowledge.”

Any advice?

Jake had one piece of advice for future students: “Make a conscious effort with the theory side of the apprenticeship, as it helps in day to day activities.”

Thanks Jake! Legend.

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