October 7, 2019

Meet Connor Hickey – Formwork/Falsework Student With CWBTS

At CWBTS, there is nothing we love more than a success story. Connor’s employer has been training apprentices with us for over 10 years, and we were stoked to hear Connor’s personal success with his CWBTS qualification. Read on to find out more about more about Connor’s personal building and construction journey, and why he values hands-on-learning with us.

About Connor

Currently Connor is undertaking a Certificate III in Formwork / Falsework with CWBTS. His apprenticeship has helped him learn necessary skills and learning on-the-job has been an essential tool in furthering his knowledge. For Connor, the best part about his apprenticeship is “working outside as part of a team”, with the hours an added bonus.

When it comes to how he entered the building and construction industry, Connor “was lucky to have the job opportunity come up so [he] took it.” Since making the most of that opportunity, Connor has been able to work on a number of different formwork projects. “We mainly work on highrise construction sites and at the moment we are completing a formwork deck at Robina.”

Studying with CWBTS

For Connor, the main advantage of studying with CWBTS is “having the trainer come onsite and give me one on one tuition.” Connor’s trainer Josh has helped him throughout his course and has been a consistent source of support; “Josh is really helpful, and he is able to answer any questions I have.”

One of the amazing things about Connor’s employer is the fact that CWBTS has been their go-to training organisation for over 10 years. “My employer has had a working relationship for over 10 years with CWBTS. They see the benefit of on the job training and they currently have 10 apprentices training with CWBTS.”

Thanks to his apprenticeship, Connor has been able to learn a whole range of “on the job skills that [he] needs to become a formworker.” By learning on site, he has grown his skills and knowledge tremendously. Connor believes that learning on site with CWBTS “is the best place to learn.”

Any advice?

For those thinking about studying Certificate III in Formwork / Falsework with us, Connor has one piece of advice: “Do it, as it will improve your skills and knowledge and give you a trade for life.”

Legend! Thanks Connor.

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