July 30, 2019

Meet Christopher Kenny – Certificate III Carpentry student with CWBTS.

At CWBTS, our students are our inspiration. Nothing is better than seeing our students complete their qualifications, and find their true passion in the building and construction industry. Carpentry apprentice Christopher Kenny found his passion in carpentry later in life, and at CWBTS we are stoked to be a part of his journey.

“I love being able to see what I have accomplished at the end of each day of work. It is exceptionally satisfying.”

About Christopher

Chris Kenny is currently in his third year of a Certificate III in Carpentry with CWBTS. After helping out with some building work at his old business, he realised that it was time to take the leap into building and construction.

“I realised I was unhappy in my previous job and when I helped build the internal walls of my old business premises, [I realised] that a change was well overdue. Combined with some major life events I figured that there was no better time to start applying for an apprenticeship.”

Since making the move, Chris has been enjoying the hands-on nature of carpentry work, and the ability to learn something new everyday.

Studying with CWBTS

Throughout his qualification, Chris’s confidence and knowledge has grown tremendously. One of the best parts about studying with CWBTS is that you’re learning from the very start, and Chris has been thriving in this environment. “The flexibility of study” has been a main advantage for Chris, who having study at a TAFE for a semester, found their style of learning to be slow-paced. Being able to work at his own pace, at a time that best suits him, has been invaluable to Chris.

“In approximately 2.5 years I have developed from a home handyman (at best) to being within reach of gaining my qualification.”

Chris’s trainer Josh has been a constant source of support, always available in person or on the phone to help with any aspect of the course work.

His Advice

Having changed careers himself, Chris knows what it is like to take the plunge and follow your passions. While it may seem daunting, it’s worth it. By making the change to carpentry, Chris now is able to enjoy his work and study, and find satisfaction at the end of every day.

“Don’t leave it as long as I did. I was in my mid-thirties when I started. Had I have started earlier, obviously I may have already qualified, but I would have been doing something I enjoyed doing much sooner.”

Thanks Chris!

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