August 26, 2019


At CWBTS, the success of our students is our main priority. Helping Chris Renwick find his passion for carpentry later in life shows us that anything is possible with the right support and motivation.

“I enjoy being challenged and creative so that’s why I enjoy construction work.”

About Chris

Chris is currently completing his carpentry apprenticeship with CWBTS. After a big change life change, Chris decided it was time to take the leap into another trade and further his education.

“I was made redundant from my previous career, and I made the decision to learn another trade.”

Construction work is ideal for Chris, as he enjoys being both challenged and creative. Carpentry allows him to do what he loves, while also contributing to a bigger project. At the moment, Chris is putting his skills to use doing cupboard joinery work, and installing steel fences and front gates.

Studying with CWBTS

Throughout his time with CWBTS, Chris has learnt a variety of new skills and made the most of the advantages that come with studying one of our courses. For Chris, one of the biggest perks of studying with CWBTS is the fact he is “learning on the job five days a week.”

By completing a combination of theoretical and hands-on work, students like Chris are able to “relate what I’m learning bookwise and putting [it] into practice onsite.”

His trainer has been a great resource for Chris, helping him learn all sorts of “general residential construction skills, starting from the footings to the finish carpentry work.”

As a mature-age apprentice, Chris is able to make the most of his previous experience. “I feel I’m learning very fast, which is good considering I’m a mature age apprentice.”

Some advice for future students

As a mature-age apprentice, Chris knows the challenges students face. “It will be tough to begin with, but stick with it and finish the apprenticeship because it’s a great trade to know.”

Legend! Thanks Chris.

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