June 7, 2019


Here at CWBTS we are always curious about who is doing what on-site and how they’re doing it. To help us answer these questions, we’ve started a small series called ‘Show Us Your Tool’. The way it works is we head down to the work site, interview a bloke and ask him to tell us about his trade, his tool and the story of how he came to work in his chosen field.

Our first tradie in this series is a roofing plumber named Luke. At the age of 30 Luke already has his own business putting on gutters and roofing sheets, (which we thought was pretty legendary.) We caught up with him out in one of the Simonds Homes sites, where he was using his trusty Makita Impact Driver to get the job done. Take a look at Luke’s story below and follow the ‘Show Us Your Tool’ series over on our Facebook page.

“My tattoo reads ‘Veni Vidi Vici’. It’s Roman for ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’. I think my wife should have it, not me.”

“My drill is a Makita Impact Driver. I like it because it has a quick release, which comes in handy because I’m always switching over the head. It gets beaten up on the sides because I use it to tap the rafter brackets into place as I go, because they have to be dead level. The sad thing is this drill is only six months old.”

“Basically, a roof plumber puts on gutters and roof sheeting. I’m in and out in a day on most jobs, and I’ll have eight different sites to head to most weeks, depending on how busy I am. I mainly work on my own, because I have to go through before the roofing guys come in.”

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