December 1, 2021

Industry Analysis: What to expect post-lockdown.

We all know that the building and construction industry took a big hit during the covid-19 pandemic.

But as we head into the tail end of the pandemic things are looking bright for construction in Australia.

Thanks to so many Australians getting their vaccines in record times the building and construction industry is finally able to open up again safely.

And with New South Wales and Queensland coming out of lockdown, more construction projects will be able to go ahead.

We know we have a lot to look forward to in this post lockdown world, but what exactly does the future hold for the building and construction industry?

Let’s take a look.

What to expect post lockdown

Living with covid

Although lockdowns are ending and Australia is opening back up the pandemic is not over. 

Vaccination is great protection against becoming infected and it definitely helps prevent serious illness, but infections can still occur. 

In other words, even if you are vaccinated you can still catch it covertly and pass it onto others who may be vulnerable to serious illness.

This is why our state and federal leaders say that we will be “living with covid” for some time. 

That means the construction industry has to live with covid too. 

Luckily there’s heaps of information and support out there to help builders and tradies live and work safely during the rest of the pandemic.

Construction re-opening post lockdown

Because restrictions and work rules are constantly evolving during the pandemic, it’s important to keep up to date.

One great resource is the New South Wales Master Builders Association.

Go online to their Construction Re-opening FAQs to get your questions answered about what your construction business should be doing post lockdown.

If you’re a construction business or worker in Queensland you can also get updates and guidance from the Queensland Master Builders Association.

Head over to MBA Queensland’s Covid-19 page as your hub for updates and resources.

Covid safety 

The New South Wales and Queensland governments have checked in with the construction industry and have come up with their covid safe plans.

These covid safe plans are for the health and safety of all the workers and the community.

They show you how to do physical distance correctly on the site and how to do hygiene and cleaning to avoid infections. 

Covid safe plans also involve record keeping but the plans come with easy instructions for you to follow.


In Greater Sydney, construction sites must have a covid safe plan by law.

In this covid safe plan, you have to register your business online. You then have to enter in  how you will do covid safe practices. 

Head online to  COVID-19 Safety Plan to view the plan and get started. 

Not sure how to do social distancing and manage covid infections? View the guidelines for the construction industry at NSW Department of Infrastructure’s Response to Covid-19


Queensland has great resources for construction businesses and sites to continue to work safely during covid. 

Read about the different responsibilities for workers and employers in construction at Keeping your workplace safe, clean and healthy during COVID-19.

WorkSafe Queensland also has a terrific guide and a template for you to create your covid-19 safety plan.

 Do your part to keep everyone safe by reading and completing the Work Health and Safety Plan for COVID-19

Workers Needed

Before the pandemic hit, the construction industry was one of the largest and fastest-growing in Australia.

And even though lockdowns and restrictions slowed down a lot of projects, those projects still need to go ahead and get completed.

This means that the building and construction industry is still in need of lots of workers to do the jobs.

Another factor that is creating lots of jobs in construction is the limits to migrants coming to Australia.

Because the Australian borders have been closed to migrants for several years, there is a huge demand for workers in construction

This demand for workers in the industry means that the federal and state governments are willing to pay the bill for many construction and trades certificates. 

How to start work in construction

If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident there has never been a better time to start work in construction.

If you’re new to the building game the best way to start is by doing building and construction courses.

By getting a building certificate or diploma, you learn the skills and knowledge needed to get a job in construction.

Getting qualified with a certificate or diploma also makes you an excellent candidate for jobs because employers prefer to hire workers with proven skills and knowledge. 

As one of the biggest and most trusted building & trade schools in NSW and Queensland, you’ll never look back after getting a certificate or diploma from CWBTS. 

Speak to a CWBTS course advisor to learn more about our building and construction courses and find out if you’re eligible for funding today. Call 1300 4 CWBTS or request a callback.

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