July 19, 2020

How Much Does a Site Manager Earn?

There comes a point in a tradie’s life when you want to up your game. If you want to get off the tools and earn more money, you could become a site manager.

But what will this role look like during and after covid-19?

Let’s take a look at the future of site management and your possible prospects for employment with the right construction site manager qualifications.

What is a site manager?

A site manager, also known as a construction manager, takes care of a building site. They’re a level up from a site supervisor and they’re in charge of many workers.

What does a site manager do?

A site manager does the following task and duties: 

  • Reads architectural drawings and specs
  • Organises the workers
  • Gets materials, machines and equipment delivered to the site
  • Works with architects, engineers and trades
  • Negotiates with owners, developers and subcontractors
  • Makes sure projects are finished on time and to budget
  • Gets tenders and bids ready
  • Creates and organises work processes on site
  • Makes sure workers follow building rules and safety standards
  • Submits plans to local authorities
  • Makes sure subcontractors do a good job
  • Sets up building inspections with local authorities

How much does a site manager earn?

We still don’t know what impact covid-19 will have on jobs in the construction industry. But let’s look at some pre-covid data to get an idea of what the future may hold.

According to JobOutlook, the government’s official jobs website, the average construction site manager salary was $179,400. This is well above the average carpenter salary of $70,616.

Even if these salaries change after covid, a construction manager has much more earning potential compared to tradies. But a higher salary also comes with greater responsibility! A lot of people like the job for this very reason, it can be more rewarding.

Construction site manager jobs after covid

No one knows what the construction industry in Australia will look like after covid. But we do have some good news: Some predict that the construction industry will stay strong and continue to grow after covid. 

In one example, a NSW builder has seen a recent bounce-back in his business. He puts this recovery down to state and federal government stimulus which is keeping people in jobs and encouraging them to build new houses.

How to become a site manager

New to construction? Site managers usually cut their teeth as tradies.

You could start your career by first getting a trades qualification. You’ve got a few options, but we recommend a Certificate III in Carpentry. This course teaches you the essentials for building work. You simultaneously do your apprenticeship to get hands on experience.

After this, you can upskill with site manager qualifications like a diploma or bachelor’s degree.

Already a builder? Take your career up a notch and become a high-earning site manager.

One of the best site manager qualifications is a Diploma of Building and Construction (Building). It’s a flexible course that lets you continue working while getting your qualification. You study part time, either in person or online, to suit your lifestyle.

Studying at CWBTS

As a registered training provider (RTO) in NSW and Queensland, we’ve helped hundreds of people get qualifications and jobs in building and construction. 

Whether you want to start out in construction or upskill, our courses help you achieve your goals. We offer certificates II, III & IV and diplomas.

Two of our most popular courses are available as self-paced online training, giving you maximum flexibility. These are the CPC40110 Certificate IV Building and Construction (Building) and the CPC50210 Diploma Building and Construction (Building).

Our trainers are very experienced and have heaps of industry connections. They’re here to answer your questions and mentor you along the way.

Understanding the construction site manager salary

Here at CWBTS, we don’t know what life will be like after covid. We also don’t know what earnings will look like and how many jobs will be available.

But upskilling with a site manager qualification could be a good step in your career. It gives you greater earning potential than trades or supervisor work and is a highly regarded job in the industry.

With state and federal stimulus packages and a strong private sector, now is the time to position yourself for a better future.

At CWBTS, we offer courses to help you take the next step in your building career. Call us on 1300 429 287 to find out more. 

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