August 22, 2020

Tips for Tradies Going Back to Study

Are you returning to study after a break? Maybe you stopped studying because life got in the way, or you simply lost interest. Either way, we get it.

Going back to school can be a challenge, but it also promises great rewards. 

By going back to school to study building and construction, you can take the next step to secure your dream job.

In this blog, we’ll share with you our top tips for returning to study.

Why resume studies?

There’s a lot to be gained from doing TAFE courses. You can:

Upskill – to get a promotion or higher salary

Change careers – to side-step into the construction industry

Start a business – to become your own boss

Online vs in-person study

Before sharing our tips for returning to study, let’s talk about online vs in-person training.

Our Virtual Classroom online courses are delivered webinar-style, allowing you to attend a “virtual classroom”. It’s a lot like sitting in a real classroom, because you can ask your trainer questions and chat with other students.

It involves studying in your own time by completing online activities through the study portal.

Online study has advantages over in-person study. It’s great for people who live in remote or regional areas, too far away from a campus. It saves you from those long commutes that can rob you of valuable hours of your day.

Online study is also highly flexible. It allows you to keep up your other commitments like full-time work and family while you study when it suits you.

If you are returning to study after a break and need more flexibility, online learning could be your answer.

Tips for returning to study

Schedule study time

Don’t expect to “fly by the seat of your pants”. Instead, make sure you schedule in enough time to get your homework and study done. Use a calendar or planner.

Break down the tasks

Find the workload overwhelming? Break projects down into smaller tasks. Once you’ve done the first task, you’ll feel more confident that you can do the rest.

Find a study space

Finding a dedicated study space will help you a lot. It helps get you in the zone for your studies and prevents distractions.

Study regularly

Like going to the same study space, studying at the same time or on the same day will also help you focus.

Eat well

When times get busy, it’s tempting to go for takeaway or speedy instant snacks. But while this will save you a few moments in the short term, it can cost you energy in the long term. Give yourself enough time to prepare and eat nutritious foods.

Be active

Like a healthy diet, regular exercise will keep you in shape and will improve your concentration while you study.

Take breaks

Don’t try to do study-marathons, you’ll get tired and you won’t retain information. Instead, pace yourself and take frequent breaks to rest your brain.

Avoid an all-work and no-play

Overcommitting yourself to work and study can lead to burn out. Make sure you have enough time in your life for recreation, family and rest.


Still got questions? No worries, we’ve heard them all. Read on for answers to frequently asked questions about returning to study. 

Is vocational training like high-school?

Nope, not at all. Vocational training is much more practical, giving you specific skills and experience required for a job.

For example, when you study building and construction courses, you’ll participate in discussions and activities about building and construction.

Is there homework?

Yep. You’ll need to read articles and case studies, watch videos, answer questionnaires, and complete assignments.

Are there networking opportunities?

Definitely. Vocational training is all about getting you on track for your dream job, so you’ll get to meet students like yourself, professionals, and you’ll also hear about industry events.

What if I struggle?

If you have questions or struggle with the work, be sure to ask your friendly trainer. They’ve heard every question under the sun and are here to help you succeed.

If you have other issues in your life, reach out to our student welfare coordinator. They can hook you up with the right supports.

Study building and construction

If you’re returning to study after a break, you’ve got a great opportunity ahead of you.

By following the tips and advice above, your experience will be a lot easier. Aim for a balanced lifestyle to help you succeed in your studies and achieve your career goals.

Remember, challenges are normal while studying. But you can always reach out to your trainer or student welfare coordinator to help you get back on the right track.
Considering returning to study? Contact our team at 1300 4 CWBTS or request a call back today.

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