September 1, 2019


What is the virtual classroom experience?

Most of us can relate to the feeling as if there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Between work and personal commitments, it seems an impossible task to find enough time to study a course, especially one that could help springboard you into a management positon in the building and construction industry. 

Well, think again!

Through the use of our virtual classroom, CWBTS offers you the ability to study building and construction online from wherever you are. Unlike other online building and construction courses, CWBTS provides you with interactive learning, with great opportunities to not only further your knowledge, but also network with industry experts.

Whether it be from your home, office or any other location where you can access the web via your laptop or PC with a microphone and camera, CWBTS virtual classroom experience offers you an easy way to upskill, without having to sacrifice your home and social life.

Each interactive session is recorded, which means you can revisit the coursework anytime, to brush up on material to help understand a difficult topic. Our recorded sessions also allow you to focus on your personal life when necessary – just another way we do best by our students.  

What’s on offer?

Below is a current list of our online courses. We have a team of experienced course advisors that can walk you through the details of our virtual classroom training program.

We understand that after a hard day on site not everyone has the time or energy to come into class. That’s why our building and construction online courses offer you the opportunity to get home to your family or friends, and log in whilst you put your feet up.

Through the use of assisted learning, we’ll keep you motivated to continue to strive to get the best out of yourself.

Meet Sam: Virtual Classroom Student

Student Sam chatted with us about his experience studying via the virtual classroom: “I like most the fact that I’ve tried self-paced learning before and felt that didn’t really work for me, so with CWBTS the live sessions are all trainer led. So you’ve actually got a real-life trainer, two nights of the week running you through the live sessions it’s pretty much like a classroom but it can all be done online.”

With the building courses’ online classrooms filled with like-minded students, there is no shortage of group discussions and “classroom” interaction. At CWBTS we pride ourselves on being the best, so we only hire the best. All our online trainers are highly qualified within their trades, and have plenty of time to answer all the questions you might have. 

“The virtual classroom really allows you to connect and work with other classmates, with lots of group discussions available it provides you with the great skills and knowledge to undertake the assessments. The trainers are also great people and they’re able to help you out at any time.”

Our first-hand knowledge of working on site and in the classroom ensures that we can assist you in making the transition back into studying. We’ll help support you, as you support those around you.

“I would definitely say don’t hesitate, it’s been a great experience for me, you always feel like you’re supported, so my advice is go for it right now.”

Meet Fatime: Partner of CWBTS Virtual Classroom Student

At CWBTS, family is important to us. Whether a husband or wife, dad or mum, son or daughter, we all want the best for our loved ones. That means not only providing for them but also getting to spend quality time with them throughout the week too.

By studying building and construction online through CWBTS’s online virtual classroom, we can promise you’ll get the opportunity to do both.

“We are a young family, with a four-year-old son. The online virtual classroom allows my husband to come home, spend time with our son, put him to sleep, kiss him goodnight. It really works for our family.”

By studying our online building and construction courses, you’re ensuring that you are able to be there for those all-important moments, while still doing what you can to take your career to the next level. Life is all about balance, and our online courses help students to achieve that. 

Fatime spoke to us about how her partner’s success will provide their family with “opportunities down the track”. By studying a building and construction course online, her partner can work toward the future for their family and young son, without sacrificing quality time with them now.

If you’ve been thinking of putting away the tools and pursuing a career as a manager or you’re simply interested in broadening your industry knowledge, CWBTS has created our virtual classrooms to make sure those long days on site don’t turn into long nights in a classroom.

“My husband wanted to get off the tools and into management, a friend of his mentioned that CWBTS were the leaders in that field.”

We want to make sure that your career has as much room to grow as possible, and that you are able to make the necessary changes alongside your family. Online courses allow you the ultimate flexibility, so you are able to reach your goals without sacrificing the things that are most important. 

At CWBTS, one of our main goals to make sure our students are able to build their career at the same time as they support their family or loved ones. By using the most advanced online virtual technology, our online courses are made to be interactive, engaging, and suit the needs of your personal life. Thus providing opportunities for career growth, but more importantly providing you with the time for the most important things in life – family and friends.

Want to take the next step in your career and become a future leader in building and construction? Contact our team at 1300 4 CWBTS or get in touch here.

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