July 1, 2019


In today’s ‘Show Us Your Tool’, we visited a Simonds Homes site and interviewed a fix carpenter, Leon. Read below to find out more about Leon, fixing guns and keeping things tidy.

Name: Leon, 32
Trade: Carpenter
Tool of the trade: Fixing gun

“I’ve been a carpenter for 16 years. All my uncles were carpenters, so I wanted to do it because of them.”

“I’m working as a fix carpenter on this site. The fix is basically all the internal, visible parts of the house. All the architraves, the skirtings and the doors. All the stuff you see – not so much the structural stuff.”

“You use all the tools on a fix – the nail gun, the trimmer, the hammer, pencils, rulers, squares, tapes … but the fixing gun is specific to fixing. It shoots from 25 to 65mm nails. It’s got a blower on the top to blow out the dust in the corners. It runs on air.”

“I’ve had this one for about six years. It’s a nail gun, but it’s a fixing nail gun. It uses smaller nails, whereas a framing gun uses big nails and is a pretty rough sort of gun. This one finishes off the nails pretty well.”

“On a fix, your work’s got to be neat and tidy. I like that.” 

Legend. Thanks Leon!

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