April 15, 2020

5 Tips for Studying Building Online

The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced a lot of TAFEs, schools and unis to go online. Educators have been scrambling to deliver their classes online, and students have been struggling with the shift.

But before the outbreak, some courses were already being delivered online—and to great success. Our building and construction online are a great example of this, specifically designed for online learning. The trainers know what they’re doing, and the students can handle the workload.

Studying an online certificate or diploma comes with so many benefits. But, you’re also going to have to adapt to a new way of learning. We’ve put this blog together to help you get started with online learning and we’ve included some tips for returning to study. 

Is online learning right for me?

There are so many advantages to online learning. In the current state of things, you can help stop the spread of the virus and protect the health of your family. But even far beyond the virus, there are plenty of great reasons to study online.

Online learning offers flexibility to suit your lifestyle. It’s a way to get your certificates and diplomas without giving up your commitments to work and family. Take a look at the questions below and ask yourself:

  • Are you looking to upskill during COVID-19 through online distance learning?
  • Do you want to study whenever and wherever it suits you?
  • Do you prefer to study in the comfort of your home?
  • Do you work full time, and want a convenient after-hours study option, without missing family time?
  • Do you live in a rural or regional area with no training centres?

If you answer yes to any of the questions, then online study could be a great option for you.

Tips for studying building online

1. Choose your study option: Self-paced study vs virtual classroom

There are two options for online study. Both have their advantages, but you have to choose the right one for you.

Your first option is self-paced online training, where you complete your certificate by watching video lectures. This means you can view your classes anytime and anywhere, whether it’s after work when the kids have gone to sleep, or during your lunch breaks.

Self-paced study is perfect for people who need a lot of flexibility. It’s best for self-motivated people who can create and stick to their own study schedule.

Your second option is the virtual classroom, which involves attending classes at specific times twice weekly. This is a lot like real class, only you “attend” through video live stream. You can study wherever you want, but not whenever you want.

The virtual classroom is great for tradies who want more structure to their learning. It’s also more interactive, so you can ask questions directly to your trainer and chat with classmates in real time.

2. Get familiar with the LMS

An LMS is a learning management system. Basically it’s the online platform that you use to access everything you need to study. You go to your LMS to watch videos, attend virtual classrooms, do homework and submit assessments.

If you’ve never used an LMS before, don’t panic. Most platforms and programs are way more user friendly than they used to be. Simply take the time to get used to the LMS before your course starts to give yourself a running start.

3. Find your study space

If you’re studying from home, find a room or a corner of the house that will become your study space. You don’t necessarily need a dedicated study if you don’t have one. But as long as you’ve got a good table and chair—or a couch you won’t fall asleep on—you’ll be fine.

Whether it’s a quiet place or the kitchen table, going to the same place to study will help get you in the right state of mind for learning. Another option that might work for you is taking turns using the study with your family members.

4. Get support

When you study building and construction online, you won’t have the physical face-to-face interaction with trainers and staff. But our online courses are designed to give you just as much support as the traditional ones. 

Whenever you feel stuck on something, always reach out to your trainer—they’re happy to help. And make the most of the other supports on offer, such as your community of classmates and the staff at the end of our telephones.

5.  Keep up to date

Successful online learning depends on your commitment to studying in your own time. The best thing you can do is keep up-to-date on your work. Try not to let homework and assessments pile up. This’ll raise your anxiety and lower your motivation.

If you do fall behind, don’t let that stop you from continuing. Just reach out to your trainer, or our friendly staff, for help. 

Tips for studying building and construction online

Whether your studies have been interrupted due to COVID-19 or you are considering online learning, these tips will help you study online.

Looking to study building and construction online with a leading training provider? Contact our team at 1300 4 CWBTS or get in touch here.

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