April 27, 2021

5 Responsibilities of a Building Site Manager

Are you looking for a challenging job in the construction industry?

As a building site manager, you’d be off the tools, looking after a team of trades and labourers. 

While in some respects it might seem easier than being “on the tools” like the tradies, it’s also harder in some ways too.

The question is, can you handle the responsibilities? 

As you work out whether this job is a path you want to follow, you should consider the main responsibilities that you would be fulfilling on a daily basis.

Read on to find out if this is the right career path for you.

Building site manager responsibilities

A site manager, also known as a building site manager, looks after and directs building projects from beginning to end. 

If you were to do this job, you’d work mostly on site with the other team members. 

The building site manager role is a supervisory construction job, so it comes with a lot of responsibility.

Here are the 5 main responsibilities:

1. Directing on-site activities

You’ll be in charge of co-ordinating the physical building activities that go on at the work site. 

You’ll be responsible for the performance of these workers and the safety of the site.

This means working closely with the sub-contractors (or “subbies”), such as the carpenters, plumbers and plant operators.

2. Controlling supplies

As the building site manager, you’ll be responsible for getting the building materials needed onto the site. 

You’ll make orders from suppliers and keep track of deliveries to make sure they’re on time. 

You’ll also need to organise rubbish disposal when necessary, to keep the site looking neat and orderly.

3. Managing schedules

As you can see from the above responsibilities about supervising labour and keeping track of supplies, your job will involve a lot of time-related responsibilities. 

On top of these, you also have to make sure that the entire project runs according to schedule to keep it within budget. 

You’ll also oversee the general performance of the site to make sure jobs are done as efficiently as possible while monitoring the performance of your team.

4. Overseeing safety

While labourers and trades know their role in health and safety on a building site, a building site manager has to have a greater level of knowledge in this area. 

You’ll be the ultimate on-site safety guru by making sure that the site activities comply with health and safety guidelines. 

As the site manager, safety is one of your biggest responsibilities.

5. Updating documentation

Aside from being the leader of the onsite building activities, your responsibilities will also include some paperwork or work with a computer. 

You’ll need to set up and update documentation like the site records (a daily account of the onsite activities) and the incident report (a write up of any unusual events).

Building site manager perks

The building site manager is an attractive role. A lot of people like stepping up from trade to building site manager because the latter is less physically strenuous.

If you are the type of person who enjoys a challenge, likes supervising others, and can handle greater responsibility, then the building site manager role would be very rewarding.

This role can also come with a great salary, higher than those you typically get as a labourer or tradie.

According to recent data from Indeed, the average Aussie site manager salary is $137,293 per year.

Want to become a building site manager?

While it’s possible to work your way up from trade to site manager, one of the fastest ways to become a building site manager is by doing the CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building).

Even if you have a few years of experience in the building game, this diploma will give you a competitive edge against other workers, making you a more attractive candidate for jobs.

The Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) has no entry requirements except that you need to be over 16 years of age. 

And if you already have experience or another construction certificate, you can do a shortened track of the diploma.

As one of the best building schools in the country, CWBTS have a proven track record in training Aussie builders in NSW, ACT and Queensland. 

Be sure to pick us as your preferred training provider while you embark on your journey to becoming a building site manager.

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