March 17, 2020

3 Popular Career Paths with Cert IV in Building and Construction

Are you thinking about doing a CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)? Maybe you just finished one and are ready to take the next step. In this article, we’ll discuss 3 popular cert 4 building and construction jobs. But first, here’s a quick refresher on construction certifications and what it means to be a licensed builder.

What’s a Cert IV?

After completing your certificate III in carpentry and your apprenticeship, you have a few different options:

  • Start working as a carpenter
  • Do a diploma of building and construction
  • Do a certificate IV

As one of our most popular construction certifications, the certificate IV teaches you how to plan, prepare and manage low-rise residential building projects. With this certificate, you can get your builders licence, then work as a supervisor, manager or start your own business.

The Cert IV and diploma are similar in that they both teach you supervisory skills. However, the diploma is a longer course which you can do if you want to work on mid-rise or commercial buildings.

Becoming a licensed builder

As we explained above, the Cert IV teaches you the skills and knowledge to get your builders licence. It also teaches you the rules and regulations of the Australian building and construction industry.

To get your licence, you need to make an application to the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). The application process can be challenging because you will need to prove you are qualified and submit detailed documentation.

But when you do your Cert IV with CWBTS, you get a mentor who helps you prepare your application. You receive personalised guidance from your mentor and will have the opportunity to ask them questions.

There are several types of licences or construction certifications including:

  • Domestic Builder (Limited)
  • Domestic Builder (Unlimited)
  • Domestic Builder (Manager)
  • Commercial Builder (Limited)
  • Commercial Builder (Unlimited)

With a licence, you can work for a building company or start your own business.

Licensing changes

Recently, the Victorian government announced that they are making changes to the Building Act 1993. The plan is to make licences compulsory for more types of trades. The government hasn’t yet announced which categories of trades are going to need licences.

The good news is that if you complete your Cert IV and get registered for Domestic Builder (Unlimited) (DB-Us), you will already be licensed for all types of domestic building work. In other words, you won’t need to apply for another licence.

Now that you’re up to scratch on the Cert IV and licensing, here are some of the top cert 4 building and construction jobs.

Construction certifications

1. Site supervisor

A site Supervisor watches over construction projects and makes sure the project complies with construction safety regulations.

A site supervisor has an important role because they assess and manage onsite safety hazards, minimising injury for the workers.

In this role, your responsibilities include inspecting the site, and making sure workers are aware of hazards and how to reduce injuries.

A site supervisor often reports to the construction manager, with whom they discuss potential hazards and safety protocols.

Construction certifications

2. Construction planner

A construction planner’s job is to schedule and coordinate construction work. They are also responsible for delivering a project by a deadline and to budget.

A construction planner works out the best way to approach the project, and works out the best order in which to complete all tasks. The construction planner continues to monitor and coordinate throughout the project, always optimising the plan for best results.

In this job, you may head a team of planners, trades or other workers.

Cert 4 Building and Construction jobs

3. Construction Manager

A construction manager has an important job because they lead a construction project from start to finish. They hire and supervise all workers, and work closely with site supervisors and construction planners.

Like site supervisors and construction planners, construction managers are in high demand with growing job prospects. A construction manager has a high level of responsibility and a salary to suit.

Cert 4 building and construction jobs

With a Cert IV, you can become a site supervisor, construction planner or construction manager on low-rise residential building projects.

If you enjoy this line of work, you might eventually like to upskill by doing the diploma of building and construction. With a diploma, you could then perform the same roles for mid-rise commercial building projects and potentially an even better salary.

Looking to become a building and construction supervisor? Get in touch today tofind out more about our construction certifications.

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